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Introducing “Easy Rider”

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Easy Rider

The “Easy Rider” has a 8ft reverse flow smoker capable of smoking a Whole Hog. It has three (3) 42 inch High Definition Flat Screen TV’s with a Direct TV satellite hookup, an independent sound system with DVD, CD and Ipod hookups. It also contains an 8ft on board bar, with an included canopy, equipped with a kegerator and 2 sixtels (approx 100 beers) included in the rental price. Great for parties from 25-50 ppl.

Greenville’s Block Party – Bring on Hogzilla


Check out Mac’s in Greenville for Saturday’s Block Party. It’s a great opportunity to see Hogzilla up close and personal! She’ll be cooking Lil Pig Sandwiches, Chicken Tenders, Mac ‘n’ Chesse, Sliders, etc. Perfect for any type of sporting event or large party. Catering will take care of you!

Don’t miss this great event, this Saturday at Mac’s Greenville.



Tips for Large Group Ordering

Ordering for the whole office or for a large personal event?

Try to keep in mind that you want to provide a little variety, but also stick to the most universally popular food items.  If you are trying to stay within a budget, which most people are, we recommend streamlining the menu options by picking just one or two meats.  This way if you have guests like me that enjoy chicken and pork, you don’t have to worry about running out of food because I took a little of both.  It is always best to try to find out in advance if you have any special dietary needs.  Offering a salad as one of your side options can be a great way to try to accommodate everyone.  A word to the wise when ordering for a large group: Use your best judgement to please everyone, but if you get input from too many people, you could end up with a big headache!  Feel free to call our catering office for advice on how to order from Mac’s! 704-529-1900

It’s time to get HOG-WILD, with HOGZILLA


So, what exactly is Hogzilla?

Known around here as Awesomeness on Wheels, this custom-made, one of a kind, mobile smoking unit is perfect addition to any party, tailgate, wedding or corporate event.

Hogzilla is a competition-grade machine with a 28-foot rig and a 12-foot reverse-flow barrel smoker – it can smoke Whole Hogs, Carolina Beef Brisket, Whole Chicken – you name it! Hogzilla also features a charcoal grill if you choose to add Burgers and Hotdogs to your order.

Now that we’ve got her cookin’ – let’s get the party going!

Hogzilla is equipped with two 42-inch Flat Screens! HD TV with Direct TV Satellite Hookup – perfect for any tailgate or sporting event. With an independent sound system, DVD player and iPod hookup, there are many ways to use Hogzilla to entertain your family and friends.

What about drinks?

We provide 4 quarter-kegs, which yield 160 pints of beer of your choice. Includes local craft beers like Noda Brewery and Highland Brewery. Basically anything the restaurant can get its hands on, we can put on Hogzilla.

So how do you get all this at your next event?

Everything mentioned about is included in a flat rental rate for six hours. We’ll also provide two attendants, one to pour beer and monitor food and one to pull the pig (should you choose to do a pig pickin’).







Mac’s Catering???

Did you know that Mac’s Speed Shop offers Catering?  From a small pick up order, to a delivery, all of the way up to a full service staffed event with caterers and one of our mobile smoking units on site! We cater corporate luncheons, Victory Lane Karting events, wedding rehearsal dinners, receptions and more!  Visit www.macspeedshop.com to check out our catering menu to impress your group. We now have five locations: South End, Lake Norman and Steele Creek in the Charlotte area; Greenville, SC and Fayetteville, NC.  Call today for a quote!  704-529-1900!