Mac’s Sean Sennet Prepares for Game Day with WCNC

635559076797955495-macs-bbqDiana Rugg

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Game day preps started early at Charlotte-area bars and restaurants.

Mac’s Speed Shop on South Boulevard actually started getting food ready Thursday because they say that’s the best way to prepare your barbeque.

“The best thing is to rub it with whatever rub you like and then let that sit for at least 24 hours. You want it to soak in and start de-naturing the meat,” Sean Sennet of Mac’s Speed Shop.

They expect to serve more than 600 pounds of pork to tailgaters and customers Saturday, which means they started with a pork rub on Thursday, set it on the smoker Friday… and started pulling early on game day morning.

“Game day is pretty intense. We have people come in four hours earlier to pick up their tailgating items. Then we start having people fill up for the game, to watch the game who don’t have tickets to get in. And it’s absolutely packed, it’s nonstop the whole game,” Sennet said.

If you’re cooking at home, he recommends using any rub you like, but it’s usually salt and chili powder based mixed with any spices you like.

But if you’re heading to Mac’s, Sennet said you’ll want to complete the meal. The most popular side dish is mac ‘n cheese.

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